What is a "Property Finder"

What is a property finder?

A property finder acts on behalf of a client to help them find, negotiate and purchase the perfect property. Upon being given a brief, the finder will view various properties and identify those that best match the client’s brief. Once the client expresses interest in purchasing one of these properties, the finder will take control of negotiations to ensure the client gets a good deal.

You can use a property finder’s professional opinion and expert local knowledge to identify the best properties in the area that match your brief, potentially saving you a significant amount of time and effort. After receiving feedback on the finder’s shortlist of properties, you will be able to visit each of these properties yourself. If necessary, the finder can also attend these viewings.

How does a property finder work?

If you don’t have time for tedious and tiring visits to unsuitable properties, a property finder can do the heavy lifting for you. With the support of a property finder, you don’t have to worry about turning up to properties that do not reflect your specific requirements. A property finder will make these visits on your behalf and offer written feedback on each property, along with photos.

The potential costs of travel and accommodation can quickly add up, especially for those who are new to Somerset and Devon. To avoid making unnecessary trips to properties, you can leverage a property finder to do this work on your behalf.

Who does the property finder work for?

At KingsLand Property & Land Agents, our property finders live and work in Somerset and are equipped with plenty of local knowledge. From school catchment areas and travel routes to local sports facilities and bus services, our team has the local knowledge you need to make informed decisions about properties in the area. If you do not live in the area, having access to a finder is a no-brainer.

Typically, a property finder will have a wide range of local contacts that will enable them to view off-market properties. These are properties that you otherwise wouldn’t hear about – which can often sell before appearing online or in an estate agent’s window. It’s important to remember that estate agents are fundamentally acting in the best interests of the property seller. With this in mind, having access to a property finder that’s acting firmly on your behalf is critical to the buying process. If you want to get a realistic assessment of a property’s sale price, the support of a property finder will be invaluable. At KingsLand, our fee structure motivates property finders to secure the most significant property price reduction possible for clients.

Who uses property finders?

At KingsLand Property & Land Agents, our end-to-end property finding service will support you in making informed buying decisions on the market. Both residential and commercial buyers can use property finders. From first-time buyers to investors, we can support our clients with property finders. Our property finders can also meet specialist briefs, such as holiday homes.

To learn more about our property finders, you can call KingsLand on 01963 34455 or email us at Sales@kingslandproperty.com.

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